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My own playlist running in DC

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My own playlist running in DC

I am a new owner of an HTC Sprint Hero. I have spent lots of hours deciding on the best player for my podcasts. I am not as much interested in downloading them (although I do), but in ease of creating and managing a playlist in order to take advantage of the bookmark features of a good podcaster. So I have imported my m3u playlist to the native Music player via Media Monkey, but I really want to do the same for DC. The creating, sorting and managing a playlist solely on the phone is not useful as I have stuff also on my SD card that I'd like to incorporate. Please advice, I know this isn't complicated!!


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Auto playlist

DC uses an automatic playlist that is based on all of your new and in progress items. It is sorted in the order that you set on your feeds list. So hopefully the playlist doesn't take any management at all once you get the feeds in the right order and the feed options set to download and delete items the way you want.

Does this sound like what you are trying to do?