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Downloading other attachment types

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Downloading other attachment types

There are some feeds where they will sometimes publish things other than audio/video files (for example, PDFs). At the moment DoggCatcher will simply mark them with the question mark since it doesn't know what to do with the attachment. One thing that would make DC even more awesome would be to be able at least to download (and perhaps open if there's an installed app) the attachment. In my case I have RepliGo Reader for PDFs (another great piece of software) and would love for DC to be able to download PDF attachments and pass them to RepliGo (or at least store them in the SD card somewhere where I can get at them)

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It should be storing them already

I don't think DC discriminates when downloading enclosures, it downloads whatever is defined in the enclosure tag for the item.

Now I do think it would be good to let you 'launch' unknown media types. I could just tell android to 'view' whatever type it is. I think android would display the appropriate application.

I added a mantis issue for this.