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Show only non-downloaded episodes from subscribed feeds?

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Show only non-downloaded episodes from subscribed feeds?


Is there a way in DoggCatcher to see a list of all non-downloaded podcasts from all my feeds on one screen?

I do not want to auto-download all of them. When I check for new podcasts, I would like to see them all (from my 15 feeds) in order from newest to oldest all on one screen. I can then pick and choose which ones I would like to download by clicking them.

The way I am currently doing this is by opening DoggCatcher, updating all feeds, and then from the feeds list, clicking into the podcast specific list for each one that has an update, inspecting the descriptions and clicking on the ones I want to download.

All your downloaded audio podcasts are available from a single list, why not all your not-yet-downloaded?


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There isn't a way to do at

There isn't a way to do at the moment, the work flow of doggcatcher is based on downloaded audio files.

We do have that on the todo list though.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I'd like that too. If I

I'd like that too. If I download something but it's marked as 'not new' I can quickly lose track of what I have downloaded. An option to delete after listening would be good too.

Maybe something like a 'flag' you can set also? I often have to keep some podcasts as 'new' purely so I can remember I've downloaded them or want to download them at some point. A flag I could set per podcast would be helpful rather than saying that the podcast is new.