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Joining the beta tester group

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*********Sorry for the inconvenience...we are no longer accepting new beta testers*************

We are always looking for folks that are interesting in testing the latest features and actively report back to us with comments, success, or problems. If you are interested, just follow these steps:

This does require that you have purchased the application (requirement of distributing the beta through the google play store).

Step 1 - Click here to apply to the google group - please use the same google account that you use in the google market

Step 2 - Wait until you have been accepted into the group (you'll get an email)

Step 3 - Click here and then click on the button 'become a tester'

Step 4 - Click here to update DoggCatcher to the beta

Please use the google forums mentioned above for announcements about any releases and reporting problems.


When I installed DoggCatcher, I started with the Lite version, then made the in-app payment. Can I still install the beta version, or would I have to pay $2.99 (again) to get the DoggCatcher Podcast Player? All the links point to the initially-paid version.

I also downloaded the Lite version and later made the in-app purchase. The only update method in the store is to purchase the app again?

There isn't an option to install the beta from DC Lite Premium, you would have to purchase the regular version of DC again and install it, but first backup DC Lite (In the DC Menu>Settings>Backup) Install DC Podcast Player and restore (In the DC Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore) uninstall DC Lite Premium> install the Beta
Then email the DC Lite purchase receipt number (In the DC Menu>Report Problem) to request a refund

I have the update I wanted and no longer want to be on the beta list. How do I get off the list?

To exit the beta program - First backup the app (In the DC Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

Then open the beta forum page!forum/doggcatcher-beta > click on My groups>Edit memberships>Manage membership> Leave group

From your device> open the Play store app>My Apps>update to the market version of the app.

hello, I have subscribed to beta program but when I try to download the beta app (from the link above), i am asked to pay for the app.
I think it is because I bought doggcatcher from amazon store and not from google play store so I cannot download the full version from google store.
I can only download from amazon store but the last version published is dated december 6th 2016.
can you help me?

Email DC support (DC Navigation Menu>More>Report Problem) reference this post in the subject line

I tried to join the beta group but was told that I didn't have permission to do so.

I just gave this a try and it's working. Can you send a screen shot to