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Serious problems since latest (22/5/13) version

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Serious problems since latest (22/5/13) version

1. Happy, loyal and HEAVY (3 hours plus a day) user for over year - no previous problems
2. LGE model LG-970 (Optimus Black) running 2.2 - no root access, nothing hacked
3. No recent addition or removal of other apps
4. No use of task managers, etc.

PROBLEMS AND ACTION (chronological)
1. 22/5 Towards end of a podcast, the playback started to stop and resume with short (1 sec to 5 sec) breaks. Noted that the notification bar went from the audio player symbol (normally seen during playback) to the Doggcatcher one. At times the break was longer and I hit the play button to restart. Problem hit all podcasts, although frequently in the latter half of the episode playing (no matter its length); at first intermittent, then more frequent and then constant requiring restart (per episode).
ACTION: Rebooted phone - including removing battery. Tried various other adjustments of Doggcatcher and the Phone, until finally using "Keep Alive".
2. "Keep Alive" worked fine for a while ( 5 or 6 episodes - about 3 hrs of listening), then the next day major problems - play would suddenly switch over to a random music file, playing it instead. Controls for both Music (integrated player) and Doggcatcher unresponsive - sometimes music playing simultaneously with podcast episode. Sometimes even starting random music file when Doggcatcher not active (although still "Keep Alive").
ACTION: Removed "Keep Alive" and chose "Exterior Player" (ES FILE MANAGER)
3. Use of External Player not user friendly, requiring frequent manual intervention. Used for short while (1 hour).
ACTION: Have just (08:45 24/5 (UT)), turned "automatic update" off in Google Play for Doggcatcher, and have re-installed old version from backup

I would be unfair not to note nonetheless how excellent your app is, how I enjoy using it - and am in fact fully reliant on it to listen to my many podcasts, mostly of news, comment, history, audiobooks and drama. I am semi-retired and listen while walking the dog etc. It has been money well spent, negating the need to carry both my phone and an MP3 device. I am a real fan.

Please contact for any further information - Doggcatcher is my major app, most frequently used.