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Problems with newest version and Android 1.6

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Problems with newest version and Android 1.6

First off, thanks so much for this software. I am lost without it. Since I upgraded to Doggcatcher version 1.1.852 and Android 1.6, I am getting a few errors and can't really use the software.

Error #1:

When I turn my G1 on (with Doggcatcher set to start automatically), I get this error:

Storage Problem
Your external storage is [checking], this application won't work like this.

My 2 options are "Try anyways" and "Exit application"

I have tried taking the memory card out and putting it back in, but I don't think its a problem with the card cause even Doggcatcher can read the card fine, as do all my other programs.

Error #2:

Most, but not all episodes appear to be downloading correctly when I look in the queue and they end with "Download Complete", but then also display "DL Failed: null". They then display as not downloaded at all, not even partial.

Error #3:

And then most of the time I try to play something, I get this error:
"Error playing media: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException"

Please help,