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Feed detected as text, not MP3

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Feed detected as text, not MP3


Generally great app but I'm having trouble with a particular feed. Doggcatcher apparently only detects text and not MP3s at this link:

The feed works fine in several other podcatchers.

Many people have reported similar issues in the past, although I've not found any useful responses:


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The show in question has a few different RSS feeds and I have the same experience with them all. I've also tried searching with Doggcatcher for an alternate feed, as well as trying to create a new feed at [deleted to avoid forum's overzealous spam filter]. No luck.

Perhaps the feed is somehow out of spec but the facts that 1) the show works in other catchers and 2) others have had similar problems indicates that this is an issue first and foremost with DC itself. Any help would be appreciated. It's always possible that I'm overlooking something easy/obvious, of course. Thanks in advance.