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missing options on dogcatcher

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missing options on dogcatcher

superb pod app. after buying and using others this really is the best.

1. Category update option missing.
I have created 3 categories, lets call them A,B and C.
I have disabled global updates as i want full manual control over updating/downloading feeds.
Under the feeds folder if i have selected to display Category A, then a bulk option for "UPDATE CATEGORY A"
would be handy. Since category A holds my first favorites i do not want Cat B or C updated till i need them.
At the moment i manually have to go thru each episode item in category A feeds and select update..

2. one of the things i liked about beyondpod was the ability to manually move episodes in the playlist by dragging them up and down. There appears no option to override the position of any individual episode.

3. Some episode have text and audio content. Generally I'm not interested in the text feeds, but there appears to be no way to turn off or ignore displaying text content only feeds.

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Future Options for DC

1. The ability to allow bulk operations on episodes is on Eric's to do list - I think you will be able to do bulk operations with this option in each category, if I'm wrong Eric will correct me on this.

2. You can create a user playlist that is managed by you (See User Guide - - Currently the user playlist is the only way to manually move episodes playorder position up or down.

3. The ability to configure a feed to ignore news articles is also on Eric's to do list

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1. I look forward to the bulk operation that will allow "update all feeds in Cat A" etc or B or C etc

2. When i was deciding between Beyondpod or Doggcatcher there were two main differences. The Category implementation is brilliant in Doggcatcher. Beyond pod required a "do this, then that, then this, then that". Far too difficult. Podkickerpro implementation of categories was woeful. But Beyondpods simplicity in moving episodes using select and drag is also brilliant. So i chose Doggcatcher favouring the Category listing ability. Other pod apps had options of "menu/select/move one slot" which also is woeful if you want to move one near the bottom to the top in a list of 30 or so pods.
Look forward to an implementation in Doggcatcher for SIMPLY dragging and episode up and down as needed.

3. Thanks.. look forward to that option as well.

And to mention that Doggcatcher handling of bluetooth control is brilliant. Especially switching between car and headset.
Thanks for a brilliant app.