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Auto download, auto delete, pin expired - looking for the right combination

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Auto download, auto delete, pin expired - looking for the right combination

Version: 1.2.4015 on Sony Xperia Ray

Hi Eric, thanks for DoggCatcher! It's a great program, though there's a little problem I've got.

I am subscribed to a podcast that offers about 15 new episodes each week, while at the same time removing the old ones from the feed. In order not to lose downloaded but unplayed episodes of earlier weeks, I have to check "pin expired", otherwise they will be deleted the following week (which I just learned the hard way by losing about 30 unplayed episodes when I experimentally disabled the setting).
This effectively cancels the auto delete policy "Episodes that are done", since all "done" episodes are now pinned. This, in turn, leads to "auto download" not working, as there are now dozens of played, old, pinned episodes.

The only obvious workaround I can think of is manually deleting all the old episodes I've already listened to. This, however, seems a bit tedious when using a podcast manager. ;)

Is there any combination of settings I may have overlooked?

Skimming your bug tracker, I found ticket 1130 which looks like it could be a solution to my problem. Any chance to have this bumped a little bit?

Another option that would probably work for me is a "keep unplayed downloaded episodes" setting, which I could then use instead of "pin expired".

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There isn't a better way at

There isn't a better way at the moment.

Two things are on the todo list besides the one you mentioned that might help. One is to be able to delete all the expired episodes in one shot, and the other is bulk editing of episodes.

Sorry the spam filter got ya.

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it seems like something changed

It seems the retention of old episodes that had dropped out of the RSS feed but were still on the device worked differently. It seemed as if before, when the episodes were kept beyond their existence in the RSS feed, they stayed and could be deleted by simply playing them and then the auto-delete "done" would mark them as complete.

Now it seems as if a long-press on the episode, selecting "Delete pinned episode", and then clicking "Yes" on the confirmation is the only way to get rid of these "pinned" episodes.

It would be very nice to have a feature that allowed the pinned episodes to be dealt with in an easier way.

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Pin Expired

Nothing has been changed in the setting other than a name change from "Retain Expired to Pin Expired" the option always required that you manually delete episodes

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Wayne's right about the

Wayne's right about the behavior always being but same, but it can be cumbersome to deal with lots of pinned episodes. We probably need a delete policy that rids pinned episodes that are done.

Thanks for posting.