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DoggCatcher Review at Revision3/AppJudgement - Ron Richards

There's a great video review of DoggCatcher over at Revision3 / AppJudgement by Ron Richards.

Take a look

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Very good and fair review. I just heard about this show today while watching HD Nation, using DoggCatcher of course! I was excited to see that this review was the latest one, and came right over here to post about it, but you beat me to it. Amazing that you were able to do that even though you're in those "midwestern states with spotty internet access" ;)

I looked at the recommendations once, but never really did any serious searching there. My commute time is already booked with podcasts, and I need something pretty compelling to add another one. But I will say I bought DoggCatcher in the early days for $9.99 and I was happy to do it, and still am! I think all the cheap soundboards and iFart apps have spoiled people, and they don't consider all the work that it takes to write the app, much less respond to all the support questions and feature requests.

Congrats on the great review from a very mainstream site!