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User interface suggestions

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User interface suggestions

This is my first post here, but I've been a paid user of DoggCatcher since October 2011, and I have some suggestions that I believe will improve the user interface. I hope that you will consider them.

1. Placement of variable speed button
The variable speed button (e.g., "1.0x") and the skip to next item button (i.e., ">>|") both respond to long presses are are located next to each other. I have stopped long pressing on the variable speed button as I have accidentally pressed the next item button when trying to do so, which under my current settings, marks the currently playing item as done and skips to the next one. Undoing this takes a lot of clicks and is a real pain.
My suggestion: Move the variable speed button to the left hand side of the user interface where missed clicks won't have such a negative outcome.

2. Colour of variable speed text
A few months ago the text of the variable speed button changed from white to the background colour of the user interface (blue in the dark theme). This reduced the contrast of the text against its surrounds and made it a lot harder to read when driving, etc.
My suggestion: Change the colour of the text back to white (or some other contrasting colour). This should also help those people who are asking for a bigger button as it should be easier to read.

3. Order of tabs
The tabs across the top of the application are, in order [feeds, playing, audio, video, news]. I often swipe between the "audio" and "feeds" tabs, meaning that I need to swipe through "playing" each time. Perhaps I am alone here, but I hardly ever use the "playing" tab and believe that the "audio" and "feeds" tabs should be placed together.
My suggestion: Change the order of the tabs to [playing, feeds, audio, video, news], with "feeds" as the default tab on opening the program. This maintains a logical order, and makes it easier to interact with the program.

4. Swipe back from a feed
When clicking on a feed in the "feeds" tab you need to click on the title bar to go back to the "feeds" tab (or click the back arrow on the phone). All of the other tabs are swipable, it makes sense to be able to swipe back from here as well.
My suggestion: Allow swiping to the right or left to go from a feed back to the "feeds" tab.

Thank you,

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1 - I've had the same thing

1 - I've had the same thing happen to me. Unfortunately, wherever we move it, it's next to something that you can hit accidentally. One potential solution is to increase the vertical size of that panel (seekbar/variable speed) when make the media buttons bigger.

2 - Totally agree - I plan on fixing this - I created an issue for it -

3 - I think I agree with this. I've struggled with putting playing at the beginning or the end, or swiping it up from the bottom as it used to be, as I've had suggestions for all three. One option is to let the user specify the order of the tabs...this is currently on the todo list.

4 - We used to have swiping all over the app before the tabs, and then when the tabs were introduced, you could still swipe in some other areas and it really confused people. I'm currently making the app header a little bigger and adding an app icon which should make it more intuitive and easy to go back with the header. I think all of the google apps that used to have swiping in them have removed it except when tabs are involved.

I do appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking to time to post your thoughts.

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Regarding your response to

Regarding your response to #1: I agree that there's always a risk of accidentally hitting the wrong button wherever you put the variable speed button, but accidentally skipping to the next track, which marks it as done and removes it from the queue, is probably the worst possible outcome of a long-press mis-hit.

Moving the variable speed button to the left hand side places it next to buttons that don't change the state of the application in such a dramatic way. You could even program the surrounding buttons to not respond to a long-press, which reduces the possibility of accidents even further.

Thanks for listening (and thanks for making my most used app!).