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ListView Interface

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ListView Interface

I would like to suggest that the way the feeds and playlist be able to be reordered like it is done in the android music application. Reordering in this method is much more intuitive and quicker than the long-press menu method that is currently used.

Here is a link to how to do it:

Additionally, can the quick filter be turned enabled for Feeds and for each individual podcast menu so that the user can start to type the name of the item and it will filter per what is typed? (Like what is done in the contacts.) Also, quick scroll like in contacts would be good to.


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Good feedback

I originally looked at doing it that way, but it was a significant amount of work. I do agree that this is the ideal way to do it though. I created an issue for this.

Regarding the filtering of feeds...I'm actually working on that now. I've been using it on my phone for a few days. It will probably get to the beta testers within a week or so and then be in the next market release.