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DC prevents screen for sleeping during downloads and playback

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DC prevents screen for sleeping during downloads and playback

Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this? When DC is updating & downloading, foreground or background, or when playback is started, it will not allow the screen to sleep. I'm using a myTouch 3G, cupcake, and the latest version of DC. I can manually sleep the screen by pressing the hang up button, but it won't let the screen shut off on its own.


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Screen dimming

When downloads or updates are in progress the screen is set to be dim, and not off, as you are saying. It's been like this for a very long time, because I remember having some problems with the network connection dropping when didn't keep the type of lock that keeps the screen dim. It didn't really make sense to me the time.

I only do downloads when it's on power, so it isn't an issue. But I definitely see how it could be a problem in other situations.

I'll take another look at this. I should be able to get the screen to stay off.

I created a mantis issue for this -

Thanks for posting.