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Fast way to add RSS URL from a PC to DoggCatcher

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Fast way to add RSS URL from a PC to DoggCatcher

For those of you who "enter an RSS URL for a feed" I thought I'd share my experience on how to do this without having to type in the whole URL from the keyboard.

Most of the time I stumple upon feeds I like to add to DoggCatcher from my PC. The URLs are often very long and tiresome to type in (especially on HTC Hero with no physical keyboard present). Therefore I use the brilliant program Barcode Scanner (for those of you unfamiliar with this program go look it up on the market).

Barcode Scanner needs a barcode to work with and we can create one from the many webpages offering to convert data to a barcode. For URL conversion I've used:

After browsing to i-nigma just paste the RSS url in the webaddress field leaving all the other options as they are. The site should now generate a picture for you.

Take your phone and start Barcode Scanner, point the camera phone at the barcode picture on your computer screen. You should now be able see the URL you pasted to i-nigma inside the Barcode Scanner program on your phones screen.

Now exit Barcode Scanner (your URL is automatically saved to the clipboard) and go into DoggCatcher, go to "Add feed"->"RSS URL". Now long press in the RSS URL field (an option to paste should show up). Press paste and the URL from the Barcode Scanner should show up (since http:// is allready present in the field it's a good idea to remove it before pasting). All you have to do now is verify that you'v got the URL you wanted and press the OK button to add the feed.

No lengthy typing of any sort just start Barcode Scanner, point it to your barcode and paste it into DoggCatcher.

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That's sweet! Thanks! To make

That's sweet! Thanks!

To make it even easier, here's a bookmarklet to generate a QR code (I didn't write it, found it somewhere): URL to QR

Drag the link to your browser toolbar, then when you're at a page you want to transfer to your phone just click on the link and a QR code will be generated.

Found here:

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Thanks for sharing. Makes it much simpler.

For those of you on Firefox I would download the following plugin:
After installation it will provide you with the option to:
"Create barcode from link" when "right-clicking" on a link.

Another more lengthy soloution:

When I'm on a page with a lot of RSS-URLs and I don't want to click on every URL I want to add I would make the process in the following steps:
1. Browse to the page with the links you want to add
2. Open up a new tab or browser window (move to this tab/window)
3. Use previously saved bookmark or type into the address field:
4. Go back to the first tab/window
5. "right-click" with your mouse on the link you want to add and choose "Copy Shortcut"
6. Go back to the tab/window in (step 3)
7. Place mouse marker after chl= in the address field and paste the URL now press enter (barcode should now be generated)
8. Now use Barcode Scanner as previously explained

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Really great tip, thanks!