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Google Listen

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Google Listen

When I saw that Google have released their own podcast player, I thought "uh oh" :)

But it turns out it actually sucks. Not sure why people have such high ratings on the market. Probably just because it's Google.

You can't add your own feeds, no streaming, and it even fails at what Google is supposed to do best - search.

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Compared to DC, yeah, it

Compared to DC, yeah, it sucks.

- Downloads start immediately, without an option for Wi-fi or on power.
- Search is very bad. I only follow one podcast regularly and it was a pain to find it (finally got it by the name of one of the speakers who had an episode in it)
- Much simpler program but starts about as slow as DC

- Free

I wonder how eric feels about this?

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Listen doesn't have a skip

Listen doesn't have a skip feature either.

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I think having a Google podcatcher is great for podcasting in general. What I expect to see is that a whole bunch of people that maybe didn't know what a podcast is or didn't want to make an initial investment in an app, will give Listen a try because of the Google brand and because it's free.

Listen will meet the needs of some users, it could also create new DoggCatcher users. Actually, I was a bit surprised by this, but today is one of the best days in terms of Google market activity for DoggCatcher since it's inception.

I truly enjoy working on the app, and working with the members of the DoggCatcher community. Lots of people have contributed ideas and time helping me to bring DoggCatcher to where it is. I first started sketching the ideas on paper last September and it's remarkable to look back at what has been accomplished.

I look forward to continuing development on the app. I've been talking through some ideas of what will be in the future releases with the beta testers and we have some exciting things to come.