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see how many new episodes has not yet been downloaded

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see how many new episodes has not yet been downloaded

I wonder if it could be possible to show in the feed list which feeds has new episodes that has not yet been downloaded? As it is now you can only see how many new episodes there are (the blue number) not how many of those that has not been downloaded.

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I'll take a look

I definitely see a need for this info.

There are two things I have struggled with in the past with regard to this. One is that I don't won't to clutter up the feeds list and the other is that knowing if a file was downloaded involves talking to the SD card which is really slow. I had the feature in at one point but it was slowing down scrolling on the feeds list too much, so I removed it.

There has been a change recently that may sidestep the performance problem I mentioned.

I'll take another look and see if I can get it working.

Here's the issue.