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Configure download options

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Configure download options

I would like to see an option to configure when downloads will occur. It would be nice to have it dl only during certain hours (when I'm sleeping) or when the phone is plugged in or when I'm connected to a wifi network or any user configurable combination of these conditions. Battery life is an issue with the G1 and, while I love this app, it's killing my battery with the downloads. I would also prefer that it not suck up all my bandwidth during the day while I am surfing/emailing/youtubing . All in all, a very nice job. Keep up the good work.

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We'll need to put some energy into a better algorithm for scheduling podcast updates. The criteria you mention would help users get things configured exactly the way they want.

Regarding the battery issue...I use one of these in the car. You can charge at the same time (assuming you also have a charger) as you pump the audio into your car stereo.