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Video Podcasts > 10 Items, Streaming FLV Files

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Video Podcasts > 10 Items, Streaming FLV Files

I made an RSS feed that is updated with videos from my computer specifically so I could have easy access to them from my phone. It works (I can download and watch the videos from DOggCatcher), but there are two problems... Well, the second is more of a question:

1) There are more than 10 items in the podcast and I have it set to display 24, however no matter what I do (i.e., delete and re-create the feed in DoggCatcher) only 10 items are displayed. If I open the RSS feed in my browser, all the items are displayed.

2) When I try to stream the movies in h.264/MP4 the video player says it cannot stream this type of media so I created an alternate feed with all the videos in FLV format. When I try to stream these DoggCatcher spawns the browser which just downloads the FLV file. So the question is: Can I change this behavior? Is there some magic formula for codec/container that I'm supposed to use for streaming video?

I am running version 1.1.805 and firmware 1.5.

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Item identifier

1 - DC identifies items when it's parsing the feed based on some identifier. It the title by default. So if you have more than one item with the same title, it may be getting overwritten by a previous one. You can either guarantee that all the titles are unique or change the item identifier feed option to something else, like maybe filename.

2 - This one is up to android. When streaming (non-audio), DC just hands this off to android, which depending on which applications are installed, and the mime type, a player will be launched. As far as I know, there isn't any way to install additional codecs. You need to get the media into a format that the android player can stream. It seems that there would be a way to launch the youtube player with your flv files, but I'm not sure how you would do it. I haven't done any integration with youtube videos before.

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If I remember correctly, when

If I remember correctly, when the iPhone came out YouTube started converting the videos to both FLV (for the desktop player) and h.265 (for mobiles). My guess would be that the YouTube player is actually playing h.264. As to why the h.264 videos can't play, it's happened to me in some feeds, not in others. My theory is that it depends on the parameters with which the video was encoded.