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"not supported audio" error after DC update

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"not supported audio" error after DC update

this feed seems to be having a problem where it won't play episode 357 and earlier:

I think it's because the type is set to "audio / mpeg" instead of "audio/mpeg", but it seemed to break coinciding with the doggcatcher update that moved the autoplay and variable speed buttons. I figured there may have been something in the earlier version taking the incorrect type into account, and thought maybe it would be desirable to add back in.


playing downloaded ep:

This is not supported audio or video
No applications can perform this action.


This episode cannot be streamed:
No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat= typ=audio / mpeg }

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Frogpants Feed

Episode 357 and previous, the media is specified as type="audio / mpeg"/> & should be type="audio/mpeg"/> You could contact the publisher at (myextralife at gmail dot com) to let them know the problem, I'm sure they'll correct it

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Me too

I seem to be having the exact same problem with RSS feeds I receive from "EasyNews". All of the MP3/M4A files that are downloaded from here now give me a "This is not supported audio or video" message. This JUST started happening after the update mentioned in this post. It has been working, otherwise, perfectly for years now.

Thank you for any help with this matter!

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I'll be publishing a release

I'll be publishing a release on friday that should fix this. If you still experience the problem after getting that update, let me know and I'll check it out.