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Variable Speed

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Variable Speed

I was thinking about the way variable speed is implemented into DoggCathcer, With 6 built in speeds (x1.0 - x1.5)and only 1 user definable speed.

Sometimes the user definable speed it not appropriate for certain feeds and it would be good to have more than one custom speed.

Instead of this approach, I think it would be good if you made it a slider (similar to the progress bar but maybe vertical) that become visible after the user clicks on the variable speed icon, so the user could drag the speed from x1.0 up to what ever Presto supports.

It would also be nice to have custom variable speeds settable per feed. :)


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Yup, we've got custom speeds

Yup, we've got custom speeds per feed on the todo list.

Presto only supports up to 2.0x so adding another couple of custom speeds would probably cover all the possibilities.

Thanks for posting.

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+1 on more than one custom

+1 on more than one custom speed. I'd like to add 1.6, 1.7 & 1.8 at least. I'm happy with the current UI on the play bar, just like to be able to keep going past 1.5

Note that many of us are using different variable speed libraries to Presto, and some of these go over 2x

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Please also speeds below 1.0x

I teach English to foreigners. Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way for them to get used to listening to real English (not silly exercises with professional voice actors), but it's hard understanding a foreign language spoken by native speakers at normal speed. Even for advanced students if they're not familiar with the accent.

The ability to slow down playback speed is extremely helpful.

Currently, I point all my Android-using students towards Pocket Casts/BeyondPod—and away from DoggCatcher—for precisely this reason, even though I use DC myself.

Pocket Casts does by far the best job of this, imo. It uses a slider like wezman suggested, and you can choose any speed between 0.5x and 3.0x in increments of 0.1 instead of a handful of preconfigured speeds that may or may not be right for the podcast you're currently listening to.

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That's a good idea. I

That's a good idea. I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.