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Pebble Integration

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Pebble Integration

Love my DoggCatcher!

I just received my new Pebble watch ( and they just released the ability to send their media keys to any application. After selecting DoggCatcher, I can HAPPILY press a button on my wrist and DoggCatcher properly plays (and pauses, and fwd/rev).

However, since the Pebble is a display, it is currently not interfacing with DoggCatcher and thus displays "No Music Found". How can this be fixed? Are there intents or apis exposed so they can grab the current podcast?

Thank you for a great product.

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There aren't any intents

There aren't any intents exposed at the moment but that's on the todo list.

Glad you like the app and thanks for posting.

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I have an odd question and you certainly don't have to reply if you don't want to. I'm just curious. Can the Pebble watch pair/stay connected to 2 bluetooth devices at once? EG in my case i have a wireless BT headset and a smartphone with BT capability. Would the Pebble watch connect to both devices simultaneously? Because i know my smartphone doesn't do this and i want a watch which can control what's transmitting to my headset while i'm jogging. Thx.

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Pebble and multiple devices

Both the Pebble and your headset would be paired with the phone. Since the Pebble isn't an audio source there wouldn't be any reason for it to interact directly with a headset.

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I've just got my pebble and would be very glad if it displayed titles from doggcatcher.

Thanks for the great work!

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Also just got my Pebble but mine does display the current podcast playing when I click on Music on the Pebble. See photo at I had used the Pebble app on my phone to set Doggcatcher as my default music app.

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I created an issue for this -

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.

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I have a pebble and have been

I have a pebble and have been thinking about coming on the doggcatcher forums and writing a pebble post for months.
A recent Doggcatcher update has improved it's ability to communicate with pebble dramatically. It can now tell what podcast is playing.

Here's what we really need though. A native application written for pebble that communicates with Doggcatcher. All it would need to do would be to display a list of the most recent downloads files, and let you start one on your phone.