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Confused by multiple enclosures?

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Confused by multiple enclosures?


I've purchased and am using Doggcatcher v1.1.805 and am trying to subscribe to the following podcast URL:

The podcast in question contains two enclosures per item, one image and one mp3. It seems to me that Doggcatcher is downloading just the image and not the mp3. Assuming this is the case, would it be possible to have Doggcatcher scan all the enclosures and grab the first one with a supported tag? (or something more clever?)

Great product, thanks.

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Multiple enclosures

Technically, podcast feeds shouldn't contain multiple enclosures. Take a look here -

Also look here ( down to the limitations section. It looks like different podcatchers handle this differently. DC handles it by using the last enclosure in the item.

If I were to change this to use the first, it would surely break some other feeds that people are using that have the relevant audio/video enclosure last.

I suppose one solution would be to use the last audio/video enclosure and ignore image enclosures, since DC doesn't do anything with image enclosures.

I'll create an issue for this with a reference to this post.

Thanks for the feedback.