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episode tagging/starring & auto-delete policy exception option for episode

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episode tagging/starring & auto-delete policy exception option for episode

Could we have the possibility to star episodes, and also an option to keep the episode even though we have an auto-delete rule set up?

I have a few feeds that have interesting/fun episodes that I like to listen to again when I've either run out of other interesting podcasts or I'm not in a situation where I can concentrate on new content (eg. Trying to work on something but wanting some background chatter).

Currently I have to remember to either set the episode as new before it's deleted, or turn off the auto-delete rule for the feed.

I'd like to be able to do a couple of things:

  • Star episodes so I can spot them in the feed history, even if they're not currently downloaded.
  • Mark episodes so that they aren't deleted by the auto-delete policy.

I might be able to do the first one with playlists, but it's a bit long-winded and not visible from the episode list.

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Pinned Episodes

The ability to pin or bookmark episodes is on Eric's to do list, see issue

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Pinning as I had planned

Pinning as I had planned would solve your second situation. If we enhanced pinning to allow pinning to not-downloaded episode, I think that would cover the second, good idea.

Thanks for posting.