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Download Single Episode without Subscribing

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Download Single Episode without Subscribing

I've asked about this once before:

I will frequently hear an interview about someone or something I want to learn more about, and will search for relevant episodes of podcasts.

I would like to be able to download a single episode of any podcast without subscribing to the podcast itself.

This means that the search returns would somehow need to be able to allow this.

A possibility?



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It's a possibility but we

It's a possibility but we haven't gotten too many request for that compared to the other things that are higher up the list. Once we knock out the higher demand issues, we'll work down the list.

Thanks for posting.

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Although I haven't had a case

Although I haven't had a case to want this kind of feature within DoggCatcher, I've done it a few times in iTunes in the past. The problem I noticed (and got annoyed with) there was that, although I didn't subscribe to the podcast the single episode caused the podcast to be listed in my subscriptions list, just with only a single episode inside it.

If this was the case in DoggCatcher I could see myself getting quite irritated, since each line takes up a relatively large percentage of the screen compared to a line on a PC monitor. My suggestion would be a single 'orphan episodes' or similar grouping in the subscriptions list to limit the screen space needed.

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Download Podcast Without Subscribing

I was just searching on this as I would like to be able to do this. Has this come up over the last couple of years? Is there a way to do it now? I would be very interested in this.

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For what it's worth, I would

For what it's worth, I would love this feature...something where I can subscribe, select the episode(s) I want, then have it automatically unsubscribe would be awesome.

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Keep subscription to a feed but turn of downloads

HI is there any way to keep a subscription to a feed but turn of the downloads. I have multiple feeds for topics and end up out of space due to too many programs so end up deleting them, preferably I don't want to remove the feed just silence it for a while

Been using the app since started many have come and gone but still my favourite


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Feed Option Setting

On the "Feeds' tab, press the context menu button (Icon Right of the Feed Title) of the particular feed you would like to pause

> Press Feed Options

> Disable "Global" under "Auto Downloads"

> Enter "0" in the field> Press OK.