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Swipe to "Flag as done"

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Swipe to "Flag as done"

I have several feeds (like NPR Story of the Day) where I don't want to listen to all of the content but instead want to listen to selected stories. For example, the feed might show 10 stories but I may only want to listen to 1 or 2 of them and hide the remaining ones. As far as I know, the only way to do this currently is to mark each undesired one as "done" and that involves tapping the corner of the feed and selecting "Flag as Done". (And even then, annoyingly, it isn't removed from the feed list until I back out of the list and go back into it).

It would be SO MUCH EASIER if I could just swipe left-to-right to remove it from my feed list -- the same way that one can remove emails from the Gmail app.

And speaking of gestures, I find it extremely cumbersome to create and manage a "Now Playing" playlist or queue. If swiping left-to-right removed an item from a feed list, it would be great if the opposite direction would add it to the "Now Playing" queue.

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Configure Swipe Behavior

I think it's on Eric's to do list for the ability to configure swipe behavior, see issue