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Add "Play as audio" as video option preference

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Add "Play as audio" as video option preference

I use my andriod on my dash for navigation. About 1/2 my podcasts are video which I don't want running while I am driving. Sure I can select "Play as audio" for each individual podcast. But I am driving I just want to start DoggCatcher before I start and let it play my stuff as audio. If there was a global preference under Video Options | Video Player with a new choice "Integrated player play as audio". That would be awesome and let me keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.



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Play video as audio

That's on Eric's to do list for the ability to configure a feed to always play video as audio

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This would be nice! I hope

This would be nice! I hope this feature would then also include "play as video" (as there currently is "play as audio") option in the episode options.

I usually download TWiT netcasts as video, but only listen to them in audio. However, I sometimes switch to video for a while in cases where the speakers reference something visual.