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Play Order

I would like it if there was a way to easily set the play order, "oldest first" or newest first setting, could you add a small tweak that would allow me to listen to the most recent episode as a priority then goto the oldest episode next. So this is for discovering a new podcast, then you want to listen to all the back episodes, but you want to listen to them in order so thats oldest first, but you also don't want to miss the most recent episodes because the new ones are what you really want to hear. Do you get what I'm after? Thanks, you guys are great.
PS how are you making money for maintenance since I paid for the app just once. Are you dependent on new subscribers for income? because that seems doesn't seem sustainable, like you'll reach a point where everyone who wants it will have it, then where does the money come from? I'm just worried Ill have to resubscribe to some other podcatcher and have to tediously try to figure out which episodes I've already seen.

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Play order


Am i to believe that regardless of what podcast that you are listening to, if you select "play oldest first" then the next podcast will be whatever is the oldest on file, even if in in another feed? Right now, if i am in feed "x", then play order seems to stay within that feed. Is there any way to just get the "next oldest", regardless of feed?
PS, looking forward to the open beta for cloud syncing!!

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The release that will go out

The release that will go out next week will allow you to configure the order on a playlist, so it should just be a quick toggle to do newest first and then oldest first.

Yep, we only are paid for new purchases. You will always have access to download the app, so you'll only need to switch to another if/when you choose.