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Audio Routing Problem?

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Audio Routing Problem?

I'm running a GS3 and I've had this issue ever since I updated to ICS. I've tried changing a variety of settings in ICS and Doggcatcher, but to no avail. I've also tried using several other podcast apps, and they all work properly -- however, I'd really prefer to keep using Doggcatcher if I can.

My podcasts play through headphones until I open another app that wants to play sound. At that point, the output switches to the external speaker. Even more oddly, if I'm playing through the external speaker, running another app will switch output to the phone speaker.
This even happens with apps where I've muted/disabled the sound; it appears that as long as the app just WANTS to play sound, it switches focus. I've read other support posts that state that Doggcatcher has no influence over how Android routes sound, but I'm still hoping there's something I can do.

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I just tried this on an s3

I just tried this on an s3 and I can't seem to make this happen. Am I following the same steps as you?

-Plug in headset
-Open DC and start playing audio
-Switch to google music (on yours audio switches to speaker)
-Play music

I do all those steps and my audio is still coming from the headset.

Mine is running 4.0.4, I haven't installed the latest update. What version are you on?