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Size limit to "Downloads - on wifi"

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Size limit to "Downloads - on wifi"

Hi all,

I'd like to have a switch added to "Downloads - on WiFi" where you can select how many Mb the podcast should be before it only downloads over wifi.

Right now it's an all or nothing thing.

So to put my request into an example:
I'd like to be able to set this at say 100mb, so that daily audio podcasts still download over cellular, but dj mixes and videos that are half hour plus episodes don't.

There is one particular feed i have in my list that uploads dj mixes several times a day - i'd like to stop this one from downloading at will. We only have very small download limits (3Gb or less) in Australia on cell networks.

Yes I realise I can just go into that one feed and turn off auto-download, but setting a x Mb threshold in the global settings would be more convienent. :)
Thanks for your time,

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WiFi for a configurable file

This is on Eric's to do list, see issue - for the ability to limit downloads to WiFi for a configurable file size.