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taking podcast duration from mp3 / avi file directly

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taking podcast duration from mp3 / avi file directly

in this feed there is no itunes:duration tag, which I presume is where the displayed podcast duration comes from. But it contains, unsurprisingly, a link to an mp3 file, which when downloaded can (surely?!) trivially be looked at for the time inside the actual file.

I also listen to Lake Wobegone, and the feed for that has a fixed Duration of 15 minutes, no matter how long the actual file is.

Surely once the file is downloaded, the length should be taken from the actual file if possible?


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Yup, we've got this on the

Yup, we've got this on the todo list. For the Lake feed, that's most likely what the publisher provides for the duration. For the cases when there's no publisher duration, we can look in the file. However I don't think we can always use the duration in the file because those can also be incorrect.

Thanks for the feedback.