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podcast search problems

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podcast search problems

When I search for a specific podcast and then add it to my playlist feed, the majority of these turn out to be only text articles, not actual audio or video podcasts.

takes alot of time and is very frustrating

this is happening AFTER i add the feed...i understand that you won't be able to see play audio/video without first adding the feed.

is there a way to set up DC so that when i search podcasts, it only shows actual audio/video podcasts?

there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish between text briefs and actual audio/video podcasts when searching.

or did i miss some way to make that happen?

I don't see it in the settings

please help

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On DC's search results page,

On DC's search results page, to right of each search result there's a paper icon for news/text feeds, headset icon for audio feeds & film icon for video feeds.