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Bluetooth Issues

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Bluetooth Issues

I know this has been brought up before, and I have even sent in a log which the devleoper said that my car is sending a play command when I disconnect, however...

I decided to try another podcast program (beyondPod) and I did not have any issues with the bluetooth with that program. It worked just fine, stopping when it should, and remaining stopped when I turned off the car. Of course, that program crashes on me all the time and there are a few other bugs that sends me back to DoggCatcher. Besides, I really like DoggCatcher's interface and functionality better than the other.

But that leads me to believe that there IS an issue with how DoggCatcher is handling the bluetooth signals from my car (Honda CR-V). It has also been brought up about the AVRCP displays (which PlayerPro handles correctly) so I know that works. If only I could merge the greatness of DoggCatcher with the bluetooth of beyondPod, and the AVRCP funcitons of PlayerPro, I would be a very happy camper!