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Flow and User interface in feeds

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Flow and User interface in feeds

The current UI inside a feed shows a blue bar that turns green or gray/yellow if the item is playing.

What are these supposed to mean? I can go into the manual to decipher them (I did) but this is not an obvious solution. What is the affordance of a blue bar? How is that related to a new item? I'm sorry, but it is not apparent to me.

My suggestion, also in a way to lessen the clutter of the item view, would be to remove the bar entirely and use the icon area to notify the user of new items. This is already partially accomplished there.

Right now the green down arrow indicates it can be downloaded, the gear that it is being worked on or in the queue and the speaker that it is ready to be played.

I think you cover the three states there already.

The flow of a user keeping up with a feed is:
- see if there is anything new (green arrow)
- mark for download what is interesting (gear)
- listen to what's available (speaker)

I saw in the roadmap the feature that removes items from the list if they are flagged as done. This is very useful.

Users should also be able to configure a specific feed to automatically download every new item in it. This way it is available to play as soon as the user sees it or when outside of network coverage.

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Automatic downloads

I added this to the manual to clarify the progress bar. Thanks for pointing out the missing documentation.

Episode progress bar

* Blue - Episode is New
* Grey/orange - Episode is In Progress (percentage in orange)
* Green - Episode is Done

I originally had some envelope looking icons on the items screen. Then when I added the progress bar, I realized it could do double duty (actually I only realized it because someone pointed it out to me) to indicate what the envelopes were showing.

Automatic downloads - you should be able to do this by setting the 'maximum media files' in the feed options. As long as this setting is large enough, you should get all new items downloaded automatically.

On the topic of the other post, I have little to no success getting downloads to work unless I'm on wifi, probably because I don't have 3g in my area. I have DC set to only download on wifi. So it usually loads up with content while I'm at home. In this configuration, if DC does an update while I'm on edge, then items go into the queue and wait until I get back on wifi.

Thanks for the feedback, if I've missed or misunderstood anything, let me know.