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DL Failed and wipes my download list

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DL Failed and wipes my download list

I go through a feed and pick the items I want and which are added to the queue.
Doggcatcher starts trying to download items but if I'm in an area with poor network coverage the download will fail and I get this message.

"DL Failed. Giving up"

The result is that the item is erased from my queue and all the other ones I picked as well. I have to go back to the feed and pick the items all over again, until they finally download.

Doggcatcher should be more tolerant of poor reception and data connectivity. It should keep items in it's queue to try again at another time.

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Manual download overriding

What you are trying to do is a manual (versus automatic) download of an item. The automatic downloads that occur as a result of feed update function as you are describing. It will try 5 times, then give up on then item, but the next time the feed updates (depending on your configuration), the item will go back into the queue.

The manual downloads don't have that ability at the moment. I like the idea of keeping manual downloads in the queue. I have had a request before to have manual downloads behave differently than the automatic download by overriding the 'only on wifi/power' options. Your suggestion follows along those lines. Here's the mantis issue for that request, I'll update it to reflect what you are describing.

I'll cover this a bit more in your other post -

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Episode 112 has an illegal

Episode 112 has an illegal XML character. It looks like a ... but it's not three dots, instead it's one special character representing the three dots. We worked around something like this in the past with other podcasts. We'll see what we can do here.

The problem will resolve itself once that episode rolls off the tail of the 10 episodes that we support, or when we support a configurable number of episodes. In the latter case, you'll be able to configure it to 1 or 2 episodes and the offending episode won't get parsed.

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