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Size of Podcast reads 56kb instead of 56Mb

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Size of Podcast reads 56kb instead of 56Mb

I just started using DoggCatcher by subscribing to two cbc feeds (Cross Country Checkup and The Current). I got a lovely list of podcasts indicating their sizes as very small in the order of 25kb. I downloaded quite a few on my phone. I then checked my data usage and discovered a 700Mb overage that will cost me $35. Of course the podcasts were in the order of 25Mb in size, not 25kb. The summary at the top of the list (which I read later did read 7 downloads/149Mb but the individual listings still read in kb). I don't know if this is DoggCatcher's error or CBC's error but it cost me dearly and is making me shy enough about using my phone that I'm digging my Ipod Nano out to use for future Podcasts. If it's DoggCatcher's error, please fix it! Has anyone else seen this problem?

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Those numbers for the episode

Those numbers for the episode sizes are provided by the podcast publisher. I suggest contacting them and asking that they correct the file sizes.

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