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Stuck Playing Podcast: How To Play Another?

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Stuck Playing Podcast: How To Play Another?

I have a podcast from "Stuff You Should Know" currently playing.

My expectation is that when I navigate the "Feeds" tab to "Old Jews Telling Jokes" and then click on one of the episodes that episode would start playing and the "Stuff You Should Know" episode should stop playing and be left in a "Not New"/"Not Done" (i.e. "In Progress" ??) state.

But that's not happening. The "Stuff You Should Know" episode just keeps on truckin'.

My gut says something with the "Play List".. which seems thb automagically created by some setting or another.


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You're probably using the

You're probably using the default playlist All - sorted by feed/date ( see user guide on playlist - Pressing on a episode from a feed in feeds screen should start playing, once done & if auto - play is on whatever media in the playlist should continue playing.
Was the episode you pressed on flagged Blue or green? if not, the episode might not have been downloaded yet.
You can change playlists by swiping or press the audio or video screen, press the playlist selector button on the header (Top left of the screen)