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Add actions to "description" page

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Add actions to "description" page

Some podcasts I follow are quite prolific and I'm not interested in all the content. I use the "description" page to view summary and decide if I want to keep it. To mark as "listened" I must exit the description page or remember which shows I want to keep.

While I have no need for other episode functions, others may.

1. Add a "listened" button on the description page. (currently has web/prev/next) This will probably add clutter to that page and wouldn't help folks interested in other functions.

2. Allow the "menu" button to pull up a menu similar to a long-press of a postcast on the "audio" page. Currently the menu button doesn't do anything on the description page.

(I really hope this isn't already in the preferences... I've looked, honest!)



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I already have #1 on the todo

I already have #1 on the todo list but #2 is a great addition. I updated the issue to reflect this.

Thanks for the feedback.