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Play Order not working for many feeds

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Play Order not working for many feeds

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.3638
Device: HTC Desire HD
Android Build: 2.3.5
Carrier: Optus, Australia

SUMMARY: Play order on numerous feeds is incorrect

1. Start DC
2. Click on a feed in the Feeds list
3. Configure the feed to use a Play Order of Newest First
4. Refresh the feed
5. Feed items are sorted incorrectly, often as oldest first.

WHAT HAPPENS: Irrespective of the settings I configure in Global Preferences and at the feed level many feeds do not order as expected. Specifically I want to order Newest First so I can always have the most recent couple of items downloaded and ready to play.
However, the ages of the feed items displayed suggest that DoggCatcher is correctly parsing the dates in the feed so it's interesting the items are not infact sorted correctly.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Global and feed level Play Order settings should be respected.

A couple of example feeds that demonstrate this behaviour;

FREQUENCY: 90% (rough estimate)

SEVERITY: Serious. A very good piece of software is much less usable because of this.