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Download any videos referenced in RSS articles

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Download any videos referenced in RSS articles

Hi there

Is there a way to download the videos that are references in RSS articles?

MIT OCW have RSS feeds for their courses. They feed fine in DoggCatcher and I can see every lecture.
But the video is only available as a link within the lecture description and there does not seem to be a way to download all (or many) video lectures, for playing them later.
Here's an example URL for one of the feeds I'm using.


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That particular url looks

That particular url looks like a normal web page. Unfortunately, if the publisher doesn't includes links to the vids in the proper place in the rss feed, then DC won't be able to download the media files.

From the feeds I was able to find on their site, they don't include the proper info in the feed. Those feeds look more like news feeds with links embedded in the notes (as you indicated).