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Pause by double pressing Power Button?

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Pause by double pressing Power Button?

Is there a way to pause a podcast by double pressing the power button or some similar method? I'm trying to find a quick way to pause dogcatcher without having to look at the screen to find the pause button.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I am not aware if it is

I am not aware if it is possible to setup doggcatcher to quickly pause/play using any of the buttons on the phone. But you unplug the headphones to pause, and plug again to resume playing. This works great for me and is IMO a very handy feature.

This can be activated under Preferences -> Headset

Hope this also works for you.


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DoggCatcher doesn't currently

DoggCatcher doesn't currently respond to any of the hard buttons, that's generally discouraged as a practice. However if you have a ice cream sandwich or later, you can enable a lock screen with media controls in the dc preferences. If not, you could try widget locker which has a lock screen that can be tied to DoggCatcher for playback controls. That will save you from unlocking the device to pause.