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Why is the program freezing?

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Why is the program freezing?

I frequently (approx 3 days per week) experience the program constantly freezing. I have to hit play again and sometimes it continues. other times i have to close and reopen. it happens so much that i usually just listen to the podcast in an external player. i am using an SIII. also, where is the "playlist button?" i can create a user playlist, but i can't figure out how to listen to it. i love and hate this program. it seems to be extremely buggy. frequently encountering incompatable files and sometimes the "seek" bar at the bottom doesn't allow access to the entire file. i want to like this program. please help

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how to access playlist

I'm sure Eric (the developer) will respond -- but to answer your question about the playlist button -- you click the "audio" link towards the top to show all your audio episodes. Then at the very top of the screen there is an icon made up of 3 or 4 lines (the "list" icon). Press that icon to get a list of list-types, of which your playlists are included, and you can then filter your audio files by selecting a specific playlist. Two types of lists show up: User playlists and System playlists. Once selected you can also rearrange the items in the selected playlist (user playlists only) by using the drag/drop handles to the left of each item in the playlist.

I have a Galaxy SII with ICS and have not had the freeze-ups or seekbar issues you describe. Maybe your issues are SIII specific. Eric might be able to shed some light on that.


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Please send a log right after

Please send a log right after this happens (In the DC Menu,Send log to Dev.)
and put in the subject line- Forum:program freezing

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I've heard a few different

I've heard a few different people with s3's having quirky behavior with the player, I think there were even a few with hangs like you're talking about. We're using an embedded android media player for playback, so we're at the mercy of any problems in the player. The other two problems you mention are player related as well. It does surprise me though that the external player is behaving any differently, since it also is using the android media player.

As wayne said, a log might shed some light, preferably right after a lock up.

You're not using presto right?

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Same issue

Hi there, I found this thread after a google hunt for issues with Dogcatcher presto on S3. I've been suffering with this since I upgraded from a HTC HD Desire, where it worked perfectly, to the S3.

Its infuriating, Sometimes it works, other times it shudders. I listen tot eh Twit broadcasts at around 1.3 ( it is painful listening at 1.0) and often jump ahead within the podcast to skip the adverts etc,

I get nil audio, after unexpected halts and restarts, eg pullign the headphones, even just stopping. Dogcatcher would sometimes mark the podcast as done and then delete it, so I had to change the behavior there to keep stuff after being played.

Oh I realise its probably not dogcatchers issue, it will be soothing on the S3 and its relationship with presto, but thought I would mention it here in case anyone has found a solution yet.

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I haven't found any fix for

I haven't found any fix for those types of problems. Basically if it's something that goes away when disabling presto, then you'll have to get in touch with the presto dev to resolve.

Thanks for posting.

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