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comments from a casual user

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comments from a casual user


Prior to your app I did not listen to podcasts with any regularity at all. But now your app has me hooked so I thought I'd make some comments for you:

1. I totally agree that your player needs a jog bar since losing my place on a force close becomes a real issue if I'm an hour into a 2 hour podcast.

2. Fast forward button only jogs forward a few seconds and I've had no success with it continually jogging forward if I hold down the button.

3. Bookmarking - from what I've learned about podcasts in general, most websites will list topic start times within the broadcast. It would be nice to type in say 3:25 and skip to that segment in the audio file and even drop a bookmark if I wanted to come back to that segment later using a quick reference.

4. It would be a cool option to integrate a conditions list for downloading content. Since d/ling 40 to 55+meg files is a bandwidth hog, it would be great to tell your app to automatically update podcasts if: a) the g1 is connected to wifi 2) connected to a usb charger or 3) between hours x and y to have it auto update only at lunch or at night when I'm sleeping.

5. I'm not sure how easy it would be, but look at cross integration with other apps like IO updater or possibly locale to achieve some of the conditioned download rules I mentioned in comment 4.

Hope these helped. I'll comment if I run into any other issues in the future.