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Expired Episodes not Marked

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Expired Episodes not Marked

I use the "Retain Expired" option on all my subscriptions, as I often can't get to listening for a period of time and then catch up later.

I recently made my regular attempt to "Delete Expired Items" from each of the feeds (by looking for the expired icon, long press, delete). However, I noticed that none of the items I expected to be marked as expired were so.

I took my Tech News Today subscription and verified in a web browser and (as of today) the oldest published episode is Episode 500. However, in DoggCatcher, none of the of the episodes past this point (I have episodes back to number 482) are marked as expired. Nor does the delete option appear in the long press menu.


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1. If retain expired is

1. If retain expired is enabled, the episode wouldn't be labeled as expired. long press on the feed, select feed options & verify if retain expired is enabled. If it isn't on the feed then the expired episodes are already deleted

2 On the Tech News Today feed, long press,select feed options & verify the number of episodes,also retain expired is enabled. DC will only show 500 available episodes/articles

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There's an open bug

There's an open bug ( where the icons won't display when the app first loads but will after the feeds have been updated. Do you think that could have been the situation?