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Improve DoggCatcher's playback controls

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Dror Harari
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Improve DoggCatcher's playback controls

One of the (few) areas where DoggCatcher (DC) needs to be improved is in the media playback.

When a podcast is being played, a rather narrow playing slider appear near the bottom just above the skip-back/play/skip-forward/next buttons. Getting to a different time in the playback is awkward - you have to press and hold a small circle you do not see and without visual feedback) and then slide it to the desired position - again without good visibility and with a need for fine motor control.

I want to propose something that I saw in several applications (e.g. "MX Player") which uses sliding gestures on the main application surface to control volume (vertical) and playback position (horizontal).

The idea is that during playback, a semi-transparent button (the 'media handle') overlay would be visible in the middle of the screen (it should be small - big enough to be seen comfortably but not more than that). To control the playback one would touch it and the semi-transparent button overlay would expand to show a volume slider bar on the side sliding up and down would manipulate it. Similarly a timeline slider would appear above with thin line marks for "noted stops" and sliding sideways would clearly show the sliding on the timeline and when sliding past a "noted stop" would be a bit snappy making it easier to return to that stop. It may be possible later on to use chapter marks in MP3, RSS, Ogg or other format to visually present those mark and make it easy to move between them.

A "noted stop" is like a bookmark in the playback. It can be created automatically at a point in the playback when it was stopped earlier (a phone call, an end of drive stop, etc.). There is no need to keep all noted stop points- for example, nearby stops can be merged to the latest, etc.

A future enhancement would allow one to slide 45 degrees diagonally from the media handle to create a "bookmark", maybe with a name or a tag for later reference.

That will really be useful.


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That's a good idea, I created

That's a good idea, I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.