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How do you listen to podcasts?

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How do you listen to podcasts?


I'm a little new to podcasts, I'm curious how you listen to them.

I've been listening on 'speakerphone' using the Android app with my Galaxy S2 while cooking, but it's not quite loud enough and it's a bit tinny for music.

On a long car journey I found earbuds not loud enough either, and ended up balancing my phone on my shoulder (again on speakerphone) while I drove.

So, asking around on Facebook, I was introduced to the fact that you can buy for about £5 a thing to plug in to the headphone socket that broadcasts on a radio frequency so I could tune in using the kitchen or car radio and have as much volume as I like .. so that sounds like the solution for me.

But I'm a usability guy, and I do have a podcast, so I'm just curious about the variety of real situations and methods going on out there for listening to podcasts. I'd be really happy to hear yours. Do you listen on an iPod while jogging? Is it for your daily commute? Is it on your computer while you're working?

All the best

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I normally use earbuds when

I normally use earbuds when listening to podcasts. In the car I use one earbud (don't use both, you'll block out road noises) or a 3.5mm audio cable to the AUX input on my car deck. My wife's car has CD and TAPE but no aux, so for that I use a tape adapter.

At home, if you don't want to use headphones, you could purchase a bluetooth speaker and pair that with your phone. Then the bluetooth speaker should have enough volume. If you already have a sound system at home, you can get a bluetooth adapter that has audio out which plugs into your amp. This would work similar to how Airplay works on a iPhone.

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I have a bluetooth receiver

I have a bluetooth receiver that plugs into my car stereo with an aux cable. Automatically pairs with my phone when i get in the car, hit play on my phone and i'm sorted. Can pick them up quite cheaply if you don't go for a 'big' name one.

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I use bluetooth headphones, in the car, at home, cooking, gardening, all the time. Motorola makes a good set that stays on the outside of the ear, I can't stand earbuds. They seem to block out most ambient noise too.

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