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Inconsistent UI

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Inconsistent UI

A couple of thoughts on some UI inconsistancies with DoggCathcer and one Feature Request. :)

I find it a bit odd that the Sleep Timer button is only available on the Playing Tab. This is odd because DoggCatchger has the media buttons on every tab allowing users to listen and control the audio from any tab and I am sure a lot of users do not even use the Playing Tab 100% of the time when listening to podcasts. I for one pretty much keep DoggCathcer on the Audio Tab.

The new Download Queue button that appears on the Feeds tab is a welcome addition, but why is it only available on the Feeds Tab? If I am not on the Feeds tab and want to look at the download queue there is no time saving at all. I may as well press Menu -> Download Queue as it is the same amout of presses as Feeds Tab -> Download Queue button.

Feature request: I would also like to see badges appear on the Audio, Video and News tabs that shows the amount of new and in progress items available in each tab. For an app that does this well with the Holo theme, look at the Plume twitter app.

Thats it for now. :)


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Sleep - I agree that the

Sleep - I agree that the sleep timer placement is odd. I use to have it only in the menu but a lot of people didn't know it was there. So I moved it into the most sensible screen I could think of that had space. I considered also putting it in the menu but figure it's almost as quick to flip to the playing tab to turn it on. I don't really have much of a defense on this one :-)

Queue - That's a very good point. I created an issue for that -

Badges - I like that too, thanks for the suggestion -

I appreciate the feedback.