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Feed summary numbers

We've received quite a lot of feedback about the colored numbers that summarize the feeds (new and in progress). A number of people liked the change but there is also a good sized group that finds the numbers harder to see when scrolling through the feeds.

Firstly, I appreciate everyone taking the time to give feedback about the changes. That's how we know what you like and don't like.

We'll be making some changes in the next few releases to improve the visibility of the numbers. I'm not sure exactly what those changes will be yet, but we'll do our best to make things better. We will most likely need to keep the context buttons (blue triangles) on the right right and keep the summary numbers over on the left. But we should be able to make the numbers more prominent so you can scan them when you're scrolling.

It's always a challenge to pack all of the features we want on tiny screens. We try to make small changes with each release so they are easy to adjust to. In retrospect, this change probably should have been bundled with some other changes coming in the near future that will allow the colored numbers to be larger.

So thanks for letting us know what we can do better and we look forward to improving things over the next few releases.