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Feed content harder to see

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Feed content harder to see

I'm having a hard time with the new interface showing done-new-in progress and downloaded vs not downloaded. The old interface was clear and easy to follow at a glance. The new thin stripe on left side showing status and replacing the look on the right for downoaded or not.. I hate it, miss the old way and don't understand why it was changed...? It's harder to read, I'd understand if it makes things clearer but sometimes things don't need to be changed for change's sake. Still love DC though, still the best around by far.

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Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, you're definitely not alone on this.

I responded to this in general in a blog post over here -

But specifically about the reason why the change was made...we added context buttons (blue triangles that open up a menu) on feeds and episodes to make it easier to get to actions to perform. Also, many new users didn't realize that long-pressing on feeds/episodes brought up the context menu. I think this was the right change but we definitely need to make the numbers easier to see.

I appreciate the input and please keep it coming as we make changes so we know when we are on or off the track.