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can't add rss feed

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can't add rss feed

Hello everybody,

I'm having trouble adding one particular rss feed to my DC list. It seems to me that DC doesn't recognize the feed url to be valid. I have this feed added to google reader with no problems. The website doesn't work well at times. I got the same error regardless of the website performance. See further details below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.3364
Device: Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket (sgh-i727)
Android Build: gingerbread.ucla3
Carrier: At&t USA

SUMMARY: RSS feed not added to the list

1. Start DC
2. Wait for all activity to cease
3. Touch "+" > Feed RSS URL > Input in the RSS URL field

WHAT HAPPENS: Error message
Description: URL is valid, but it doesn't look like a valid RSS feed: org.apache.harmony.xml. ExpatParser$ParseException: At line 222, column 26: undefined entity.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: RSS feed should be added and mp3s should become available for download