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Why does DoggCatcher start a podcast from the beginning when it was previously paused in the middle?

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This happens on some devices. I've researched quite a few users that have experienced this and each time, it has been the case that DoggCatcher has given a command to the android media player to seek to the correct position in the audio file but the media player does not seek, but starts the audio file from the beginning.

I have also tried a few different approaches to detect when this happens and retry the seek but I haven't been able to come up with anything that reliably works around the problem.


Hi, I have been having this problem and managed to do some troubleshooting. The issue is to do with the encoding of the file. There is a bug in some encoders which mean NO playback software is able to seek through some files. There is very little DoggCatcher can do - the file itself is at fault needs re-encoding.

What is the issue with resume/seek specifically? i.e., what encoder/encoder settings cause the problem?

So I had a look myself. The issue is m4a files with text streams that are used to define bookmarks within the audio file. Android doesn't like them at all. Most iTunes podcast files seem to have them unfortunately, as they are basically chapters on supported devices to jump to specific places in the audio file:

I extracted the audio stream and muxed it back into a mp4 file. Played perfectly. Unfortunately iTunes is the target platform for alot of podcasts, so until either the app finds a workaround (automatic stream extraction upon download maybe?) or android plays nice with the format we're stuck.